Polkadot Now is the Fourth Largest Asset by Market Cap

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Dot 4th market cap

Polkadot's price has seen a huge growth in the last week. It went up by 60% and trades above $16 at the moment.

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The market cap of the asset surpassed $14 B, getting ahead of XRP. Now Dot is the 4th largest asset, coming after Tether. On the other hand, XRP faces difficulties after the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs. The price of the token has had a decline of 35% since then. At the moment of writing, it costs $0.28.

Polkadot's popularity seems to have quick increase. It was only two days ago the market cap of the asset surged above $10 B.

The Polkadot network allows connecting multiple blockchains. Ethereum-founder Gavin Wood, working with Parity Technologies, launched the protocol last May. The network aims to fix scalability and interoperability issues on Ethereum. Its native token DOT enables voting on governance issues and building parallel chains.