Polkadot Beats Litecoin, Becoming the 5th Largest Crypto

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Polkadot new all time high

The price of Polkadot network's native token Dot reached a new all-time high. It surged by over 38% in a day. At the moment, the token trades for $11.98.

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These changes brought Polkadot to fifth place by market cap, which surpassed $10 B. In fourth place is XRP, with a $13.3 billion market cap. Litecoin went down to the sixth place.

Polkadot has made huge progress recently. The price increase began during the Christmas season. Since then, it has doubled. Data shows that actually, DOT was closely going with the BTC rally.

During Monday's market crash, Polkadot saw a decline, but it quickly recovered afterwards.

BTC has surged also. At the moment, it trades above $38.000.

Polkadot was created in 2017 by Gavin Wood, who is the Ethereum co-founder. It is a next-generation blockchain protocol connecting different specialized blockchains into one unified network.