Open interest in Ether futures nearing new highs

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In early May, open interest in Ethereum futures was at the highest level in the history of the altcoin. This figure reached $ 11.6 billion.

Then it began to fall at the end of June, open interest in this product fell to $ 4.91 billion.

It began to grow after the ether began to strengthen again. This week, the open interest in futures on ETH is $ 11.57 billion. Over the next few days, if the cost of ether increases, institutional interest in the product will set a new record.

Open interest in Ether futures on Binance and FTX is now $2.89B and $1.6B, respectively.

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In parallel, there is a surge in the activity of players in the Ethereum options market. Open interest in this product in early September rose to $ 5.32 billion. Note that in mid-May, this figure reached $ 7.4 billion.

The ETH rate on the evening of September 6 is holding slightly above $ 3900. In addition to institutional investors, retail traders are also increasing their investments in ether.

The dominance of the accumulative strategy is evidenced by the data of the Glassnode platform. The number of addresses containing at least 0.1 ETH has renewed its maximum today, reaching 5.628 million.