Nokia Introduces Blockchain-Fueled Data Marketplace

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Nokia blockchain

Finnish major tech entity Nokia Corporation revealed the issuance of the Nokia Data Marketplace to make data and AI algorithms transacting simpler. That provides digital and data modernization for businesses.

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Along with increasing input extent, the role of AI and machine learning is crucial. The data platform launched by Nokia aims to help businesses to use data while making strategic decisions and deliver actual-time entry to precise data collection operators.

In the blog post published by the company, Nokia says that the Data Marketplace is a proven, secure, and scalable means for B2B data transfers and monetization.

It offers various use cases. Among them powering means of transport, ports, smart cities, medical care, electric car charging, etc. The system provides a flexible as-a-service business model, which offers customers time efficiency and optimized total cost of ownership.

More and more companies all over the world are adopting blockchain solutions. Among them are Visa, Ford, Walmart, DHL. Governments are also working with blockchain companies. One of the recent partnerships was established between Cardano and Tanzania, Ethiopia, and other African countries.