$69 Million Beeple Art Acquired by NFT Whale Metakovan

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Metakovan bought Beeple for $69 Million

On March 11, an NFT issued by digital art creator Mike Winkelmann, who is known as Beeple was traded for $69 M via an online auction managed by Christie’s. The latter is a major British auction House. It was the first time when a digital work selling process was organized by a big auction company.

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The buyer of the work turned out to be a person with the pseudonym Metakovan. He is the creator of Metapurse, a fund that collects nonfungible tokens. The collector paid for the NFT in crypto. He holds the largest number of Beeple's works.

The purchased artwork called “Everydays - The First 5000 Days,” is a collage of all the pictures Beeple has posted online since 2017. It was minted especially for Christie’s auction. NFTs run on blockchain to ensure ownership and authenticity. They don't have a physical existence.

TRON creator Justin Sun also attempted to buy the artwork. However, Metakovan outbid him in the end.