NFT Depicting Dogecoin Sold for $4 M

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Dogecoin NFT

Interest in Dogecoin remains to be high. There are a series of NFTs with the image of Shiba Inu presented on the website One of them was required for 1696 Ether valued at $4 M.

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The buyer was PleasrDAO, a club interested in buying blockchain-based collectibles.

The photo of the Shiba Inu dog named ‘Kabosu’ which is on Dogecoin's logo was taken on February 13, 2010, by her owner. As stated by the auction site, the NFT was minted by a user named @kabosumama on May 31. The first bid of 6.5 Ethers was done on June 8. The collectible was sold on June 11.

Presently, there are 7 other DOGE NFTs on the auction: Feisty Doge, Yelling Doge, Curious Doge, Angry Doge, Shocked Doge, Sad Doge, and Cuddly Doge.

NFTs are unique tokens that run on blockchain and give the rights of ownership via blockchain.