New York Stock Exchange Introduced Its First NFTs

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NYSE to launch NFTs

The world's largest stock exchange NYSE informed about the launching of “First Trade” NFTs symbolizing the first purchases of Unity, Coupang, Snowflake, Spotify, Roblox, and DoorDash.

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On its website the company noted that the number of NFTs will increase over time.

NYSE teamed up with the cryptocurrency and payment platform to mint the tokens.

What's special about them is that NYSE's collectibles are not for purchase. The NFTs are gifted to their corresponding firms. As the crypto industry continues to proceed, NFTs are becoming more popular too. Non-fungible tokens that run on blockchains and don't have their equivalents serve different purposes.

Many musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, big companies, and more have issued their own collectibles. This month a couple from the US exchanged NFTs instead of traditional wedding rings.

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Recently Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin talked about the tokens stating that they can be used for social objectives like charities or financing common goods.