Netflix will shoot a documentary about the founder of QuadrigaCX

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Streaming service Netflix plans to release a documentary about the death of Gerald Cotten, founder, and CEO of the bankrupt Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX.

"Follow a group of investors who turned into detectives and are trying to uncover the suspicious death of cryptocurrency multimillionaire Jerry Cotten and find traces of $ 250 million, which, in their opinion, he stole from them," - says the description of the picture.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King is set to premiere in 2022.

In February 2019, the exchange announced that it had lost access to wallets with cryptocurrency and fiat assets of users for 250 million CAD ($ 190 million at that time). QuadrigaCX argued that Cotten, who allegedly died from the effects of Crohn's disease in India in December 2018, was solely responsible for managing the cold storage of funds.

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A few days later, Indian authorities confirmed the death of the exchange founder on December 9 at a Jaipur hospital. However, the community has doubts. Investors noticed that the death certificate was published almost a month later, the name of Cotten was misspelled in it, and the hospital itself has an ambiguous reputation.

A few months later, lawyers representing the interests of investors demanded that the body be exhumed to be convinced of the death of the ex-head of the exchange.

Ernst & Young, which became the auditor of QuadrigaCX, was unable to find traces of more than 26,000 BTC that the exchange owed users, and found that there has been no significant activity in cold wallets since April 2018.

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In January 2020, an investigation into QuadrigaCX was confirmed by the FBI.