NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Hit a New All-time High of Over $18

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Near protocol crypto

The price of the native token of the dapp platform Near Protocol, NEAR hit a new all-time high of $18.28. In the last 24 hours, the NEAR price went up by over 14%.

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At the moment, NEAR is the 19th largest crypto with a market cap. of more than $11 bln The number of projects built upon the protocol has been increasing. According to recent research by crypto, blockchain, and fintech-focused venture firm Electric Capital, Near is one of the top ten fastest-growing ecosystems of 2021.

The research was based on almost 500.000 code repositories, 160 code commits across web 3, and taxonomies of projects, including DeFi Llama, DeFi Pulse, DappRadar, Github, and others.

According to the received data, NEAR is the 3rd fastest growing ecosystem after Terra and Solana.