NEAR Protocol developers launch Green NFT auction

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The NEAR Foundation, a non-profit organization, has partnered with the South Pole and Mintbase to announce a Green NFT auction. ForkLog was informed about this by representatives of the project.

“This is part of our journey to decarbonize the entire IT sector and turn important technologies like blockchain into a climate solution, not a problem,” South Pole said.

More than 30 pieces of digital art will be put up for auction. It will run from 8 to 25 June.

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Half of the proceeds will go to projects to combat climate change. The rest of the funds will be received by the artists.

“Green NFT is an example of how we can combine creativity and technology… It shows how the NEAR Protocol provides technology that can provide a solution to global warming,” said Yessin Schiegg, CFO of the NEAR Foundation.

NEAR Protocol is a Proof-Of-Stake smart contract platform. The system uses an innovative consensus mechanism called Nightshade with the implementation of sharding. The protocol has a single environment common to all decentralized applications, similar to the current Ethereum architecture.