Miners' wallets have accumulated the greatest amount of ETH

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Ether (ETH) mining pools have been cutting cryptocurrency sales over the past few months.

If in August the largest amount of ETH was stored in the wallets of Ethereum miners since May 2017, now this figure has reached its maximum since June 2016. In a report from analysts at Santiment, the pools have accumulated approximately 658,000 ETH to date.

According to the results of the last three months, their wallets have added about 580,000 more coins.

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A breakthrough above $ 4000 has not yet happened, although many observers did not doubt that the rising bitcoin price would pull the ether up with it. The ETH rate on Monday, October 18, is holding at $ 3710.

The capitalization of digital currency is just over $ 438.662 billion. At the same time, there are no alarming signals for a fall in the rate, and the cost of the cryptocurrency remains at an acceptable level.

According to the Glassnode platform, almost 98% of Ethereum addresses are now in positive territory. The number of wallets containing at least one coin set a new record this week, reaching 1.341 million.