Mike Novogratz thinks gold and Bitcoin are safe assets

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Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has repeatedly stated that in terms of capitalization, Bitcoin will be able to bypass gold in the medium term.

However, this week on Twitter, he unexpectedly called for an end to discussions about what is more important than precious metal or cryptocurrency.

In his opinion, an equal sign can be put between these two assets. They do not compete but perfectly complement each other.

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The precious metal and bitcoin can equally be considered as hedging instruments. These assets will protect investors' capital from inflation.

Moreover, the trend towards the depreciation of fiat currencies has already formed, and soon we will see how global economic problems will negatively affect the dollar and other leading monetary units.

Novogratz stressed: "We don't need to take an either-or position. Gold is looking very good right now. Some time ago, gold was also losing ground, but now its chart has recovered. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at the adoption stage."