MicroStrategy's Board of Directors to be Paid in BTC

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Microstrategy board of directors

The CEO of the Business intelligence company MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor announced via tweet that the board of directors now get fees in BTC.

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The firm issued a paper filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the announcement, MicroStrategy's board of directors made changes in the payment method for non-employee directors. Particularly, they will get payments for their services in BTC instead of cash.

Thus, the board showed its support for the cryptocurrency another time. The arrangement will be managed in the following manner: the amount of payments remains the same. At the time of payment operations, the fees will be changed into BTC from USD and then deposited into the digital wallet of the applicable non-employee director.

MicroStrategy is one of the biggest early investors in BTC. Making the first investment in BTC in August 2020, the company gradually increased its BTC holdings. This month it made a $15 M purchase making its total capital put in BTC over $5.4 B.