MasterCard and Visa are leaving Facebook’s Libra project

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Mastercard and Visa

They heard senators' voices.

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Facebook loses some chief partners, like eBay, Stripe, Visa and MasterCard. Regulators and lawmakers criticised the Libra project, which brought to thought will the project even persist?

Before the opening meeting of Libra Association in Geneva, which is planned to be held on Monday, the initial partners must have officially sign that they're supporting the project. The first partner, who rejected to do it was PayPal. Despite difficulties that are raising day by day, spokeswoman of the Association insured that the meeting is going to continue as it was intended.

The spokeswoman mentioned that they are concentrated on proceeding their work and building an influential association, which intends to generate a transparent, reliable and customer-friendly global system, that will destroy all the financial boundaries around the world.

David Marcus twitted about this, assuring that the retreat of six partners won’t crash the effort:

Mastercard wrote that their organisation will stay concentrated on their strategy and their attempts to facilitate worldwide financial inclusion and that they think that such initiatives like Libra have their benefits.