Marc Lasry admitted that he bought not enough bitcoins

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Marc Larsy

Billionaire Mar Lasry, the founder of Avenue Capital Management, said bitcoin's skyrocketing growth in 2021 exceeded his expectations. He also expressed regret that he had not invested enough in the first cryptocurrency.

“As more people start using Bitcoin, the chances of continued growth are high. This happened a little faster than I expected. I needed to buy a lot more. Here I was mistaken,” he said.

Commenting on his previous forecast regarding the rise in the price of the coin to $ 40,000, the investor noted that the cryptocurrency market has already formed and nothing threatens him.

“If a market is created, it does not disappear anywhere. For this reason, I became interested in bitcoin. I thought that with the arrival of institutional investors, the price will start to rise,” he added.

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At the same time, Lasry emphasized that any movement of digital gold can be argued: “To be honest, I don't know where Bitcoin is heading. I can justify why it will rise to $ 100,000, but I can also justify why it will fall to $ 20,000."

Recall that Marc Lasry is known for his bullish expectations for Bitcoin, which he shared, including amid the bear market.

In 2018, he placed 1% of his funds in cryptocurrency and predicted that by 2021-2023, the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency will grow 5-10 times.