Maduro announces crypto casino to relief Petro

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Nicholas Maduro

President of Venezuela Maduro proclaimed the founding of a new crypto casino in a beaten country where betting rooms have all but gone dead.

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Maduro said that a new casino is going to be in Ávila National Park’s Hotel Humboldt. The new casino is going to work on Venezuela's national crypto coin Petro. Maduro supposes it'll strengthen its country's public health and education fields.

Less than a decade ago, the previous president Hugo Chavez closed all betting halls as they were considered as docks of criminality, drugs, and prostitution. Since 2011 only a few online platforms had permission to gamble in Venezuela. And now, Maduro gives the green light to the new casino to relieve the coin he believes in.

Still, this mystic announcement of the president brought many questions with it. Will this casino use crypto ATM's? How can winners get their funds? Must all the guests use Petroapp to be able to play? These and many more uncertainties make people doubt the idea.