Lindsay Lohan to Release Her NFT on Tron

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LIndsay Lohan Tron NFT

American star Lindsay Lohan aims to issue NFTs on the Tron network.

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She is a famous actress, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and television celebrity. Lohan and Justin Sun are going to talk about the details of the collectible on Clubhouse today.

Lohan has been interested in the crypto sector for a while. In February she tweeted "Bitcoin to the moon". She mentioned believing in decentralization. Then Lohan posted about Justin Sun's platform, writing that she was exploring the platform and came to like $JST and $Sun on TRX as they are fast and 0 fee.

In the same month, Lohan has purchased a decentralization-related album image NFT on trading platform Rarible and a Daft Punk NFT for $15,000 in Eth.

Now the star made a decision to issue her own NFT. Lohan aims to introduce it on March 20. The process will be managed on a new NFT clearinghouse on Tron that also partners with performers Swae Lee, Tyga, Ne-Yo, Soulja Boy, and others.

Generally, NFTs are becoming more and more popular. Many companies and celebrities of different spheres have launched their collectibles. Google search volume of the world "NFT" beat new records.