Fraudsters stole 15,000 ETH via Huobi fake group in Telegram

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Fraudsters stole 15,000 ETH via Huobi

In China, the attackers, under the pretext of “arbitrage opportunities,” extorted about 15,000 ETH from trusting investors (more than 5 million at the current exchange rate), creating the fake Huobi exchange group in Telegram. Reports about it 8btc.

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The fraudsters presented themselves as employees of Huobi Global and promised investors to send Huobi HT tokens in exchange for ETH at a ratio of 1:105 (ie 105 HT per 1 ETH).

Telegram users were offered to transfer coins through the imToken wallet, which, as it turned out, also turned out to be fake.

When investors began to suspect deception, the “developers” of the wallet advised them to update the application using a special link and transfer the amount five times higher than the original one. Allegedly, then it will be possible to roll back transactions in order to track down the "lost" coins.

Of course, investors did not manage to return their ETH. According to the CoinHunter portal, fraudsters received more than 15,000 ETH, and the largest transaction amounted to 885 ETH. It is noted that this data is incomplete and the amount of "loss" may be bigger.

As a result, the real developers of the wallet imToken were forced to close their official group in Telegram, as well as remove all links to the instant messenger from their site.

It is worth noting that the Huobi Global team warned about the scam back in May, however, it seems that unfortunate investors did not read the warnings of the exchange or simply did not pay attention to it.

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Earlier, Bitcoin preacher Andreas Antonopoulos warned investors about the high probability of a new wave of scam and fraudulent projects in connection with the new round of crypto growth.