Jim Cramer doubts bitcoin rally will resume soon

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Jim Cramer

According to TV presenter Jim Cramer, in the coming months, bitcoin will be able to partially win back the June losses.

However, we are unlikely to expect an aggressive and long-term growth of cryptocurrency. Most likely, after the rebound, trading will continue in a narrow range.

Kramer himself periodically reminds investors of the volatility of BTC. Therefore, you need to invest in this asset no more than 5% of your capital.

After analyzing the current position of the coin, the TV presenter predicted its moderate rise in the coming months.

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Those investors who saved their coins during the last sales will win. They will get the opportunity to capitalize on the rebound.

Kramer emphasized that the largest digital currency has not suffered such huge losses that we have recently observed since the spring of 2020.

The price of bitcoin has collapsed by more than 50%. It will take a very long time for the coin to consolidate, improve its attractiveness and start accepting capital again.

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It may take years for BTC to repeat last year's run and set a new record, Cramer concluded.