Jamie Dimon reiterates his skepticism about Bitcoin

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Jamie Dimon

The rise of bitcoin did not in any way affect the attitude towards it on the part of the CEO of the investment bank JP Morgan Jamie Dimon.

At an event hosted by The New York Times, the banker said bitcoin had made great strides. However, his position has not changed significantly, and he is still extremely skeptical about cryptocurrency.

Thus, the financier once again confirmed his lack of desire to invest his capital in this asset.

As a reminder, this week, bitcoin hit a new high and rose in price to its highest level since the end of 2017. On some trading floors, the coin exceeded $ 18,000 but then dipped.

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JP Morgan CEO made similar statements earlier. He, like Peter Schiff, periodically criticizes BTC and calls it a "bubble" and a scam.

At the same time, Dimon emphasized that his investment bank is actively using blockchain technologies in its work.

According to the banker, with the help of decentralized technologies, financial institutions have real opportunities to reduce transaction costs and increase productivity in serving customers.