Iran Suspends Crypto Mining to Save Energy

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Iran crypto mining winter

Iranian Ministry of Energy decided to temporarily stop operations of crypto mining hubs. The reason is the high level of electricity usage in winter.

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Chairman of the country's power grid developer and operator, Iran Grid Management Company, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi talked about the adopted measures during an interview with a local news provider. He said that among the steps to decrease liquid fuel use in power sources are power outages, adjustments of street lighting, constant monitoring, and supervision of high energy spending in offices.

In his speech, Mashhadi urged electricity subscribers to save as much energy as they can.

Iran suspended crypto mining because of an electricity shortage earlier, in May. The government resumed the operations at the end of September.

At the same time, authorities are taking measures to find out and stop illegal mining. Iran made crypto mining legal in 2019. Last month, officers captured over 221.000 devices. According to data from Statista, Iran is the 5th country worldwide by crypto mining with a 4.5% share in total activities.