“HODLing” trend: 10M BTCs haven’t moved in more than a year

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hodling bitcoin

“HODLing” has become trendy again. The cumulative number of Bitcoins that haven't moved in more than a year has reached the mark of 10M.

An organization that creates crypto data supports Digital Assets Data reported that approximately 10.7 million BTCs haven't swapped hands in over 12 months.

The whole volume of Bitcoins in the rotation is 18.14 million: this indicates that about 60% of coins are being held. The portion of BTCs staying inoperative for above a year is at its most prominent level since 2017.

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Last year was extraordinary for the leading cryptocurrency. It witnessed enormous swings growing from $3693 to $13879 in the opening six months. In the mid-December period, BTC fell back to $7179. So, BTC just about grew 2x times in 2019, notwithstanding the enormous sell-off in the second half.

Even considering this fact, the largest part of the crypto asset persisted dormant: this can be so because investors are considering a substantial rate boost following the mining reward halving.

A leading technology officer at Komodo Platform Kadan Stadelmann said that the number of unmoved coins is an indication that the association of HODLers is expanding. He also mentioned that if the price of BTC won't significantly rise as it is expected to, the sum of inactive Bitcoins will fall.