Godfrey Bloom Former MEP Acquired His First Bitcoin

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Godfrey Bloom bought his 1st BCD

The British politician Godfrey Bloom is known as a protestor against the banking system terming it a hoax and saying that the entire institution is meant to steal from people.

Godfrey Bloom worked as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Yorkshire and the Humber till 2004 to 2014. He's an author of 6 books referring martial history and the Austrian School of economics.

The firmer EU Parlament member is known for his different views towards central bankers. He has always found that the funding policy ruled by political leaders and central bank authorities has a number of flaws and the reasons for the existing debt crisis are hidden in it. Going further, he called the system a scam.

Last week Bloom published in Twitter that he had bought his first BCD. He also said in his tweet that people still prefer dollar to bitcoin mentioning that it's still early and the things can change.

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Crypto society appreciated this and Bloom received supportive comments. Bloom said that he will learn about the currency and share his knowledge with peers who also want to find an alternative to fiat.

Bloom also announced that he will learn about Ethereum and DeFi overall.