Harvard Professor to Present His Genetic Code As An NFT

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NFTs and science

Professor of genetics George Church announced he will auction an NFT representing his genetic code. The Ph.D. is going to introduce his genome in sequence through artistic representations.

In 2018 Church together with Dennis Grishin co-founded the blockchain-powered establishment Nebula Genomics, which will manage the auction and control who can see a person's health data and who can use it.

The auction's date will be revealed on April 25, National DNA Day. This presents a new, revolutionary use case of nonfungible tokens being beneficial for science.

George Church stated that in the course of years medical data has lacked openness being a subject of monetization. Mainly, individuals don't know who has entry to their medical records. The professor finds that blockchain technology and NFTs give the opportunity to discover it.

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The amount generated by the vendue of NFT will be used for the study. George Church developed the initial direct genomic sequencing method. He is the first person who made his medical and genetic data open to researchers.