Elon Musk's New Tweet About BTC Has a Vague Concept

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Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweet

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk referred to Bitcoin once again in his tweet.

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On June 4, he posted a meme-like tweet about a breakup citing the words of Linkin Park's song "So, in the end, it didn't even matter?". In the description, Musk put Bitcoin's hashtag and the broken heart emoji.

Does this mean that Musk decided to "part ways" with the first cryptocurrency?

The business magnate has had a great influence on the crypto industry and on the prices of crypto assets.

Particularly, his tweets about BTC and Doge became the reason for their rise or drop many times. On March 24 Tesla announced accepting payments in Bitcoin, however later in May Elon Musk canceled the option saying the reason is the environmental damage caused by Bitcoin mining.

The crypto community has often criticized Musk's approach to the industry. Among the critics is the co-founder of crypto data aggregator and analytics website CoinGecko, Bobby Ong who finds Musk is trolling the community.