El Salvador Acquired 420 More Bitcoins

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El Salvador Bitcoin purchase

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele, informed that the country has added 420 Bitcoins worth about $25 M.

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The price per coin was about $59.500. Bukele informed that the country has already benefited from the BTC it brought as, after the purchase, the BTC price grew.

Currently, El Salvador holds around 1.120 bitcoins. The average buying price per coin is around $53.300.

On Sept 7,2021, El Salvador recognized BTC as a legal tender, becoming the first country to do so. That day and a day before the government bought 550 BTC in total. On Sept 19, the government added another 150 coins.

At the moment, BTC trades at about $60.500. The coin's price is up by 2.7% over the last day. BTC market cap stands at over $1.1 trillion and its market dominance index is 44.4%.

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Total crypto market cap stands at over $2.57 trillion.