President of El Salvador spoke about the results of BTC legalization

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Nayib Bukele

In early September, a law came into force in El Salvador recognizing bitcoin as a legal tender. The adoption of this landmark document was initiated by the country's President Nayib Bukele.

He periodically tweets about the process of adopting cryptocurrency by the citizens of El Salvador. At the end of last week, Bukele mentioned that people are massively switching to bitcoin.

According to him, the Salvadorans, through cryptomats, deposit large amounts of money into the cryptocurrency. Moreover, they convert even dollars into bitcoin. The scale of depositing money into BTC now significantly exceeds the volume of converting virtual coins to US currency.

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Recall that after the installation of 200 bitcoin ATMs, El Salvador turned out to be among the countries leading in the world in terms of the number of functioning cryptocurrency terminals. Bukele's tweet says that the Salvadorans invested $ 3.069 million in cryptocurrency in a day.

Under the auspices of the authorities of the Latin American state, the official Chivo crypto wallet was released. Each citizen who registered an account on this service received $30 in BTC.