DOT and BNB can change their position in Top 10 rankings

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Top 10 crypto assets

Binance Coin is the 5th and Polkadot the 6th highest crypto assets by market capitalization getting ahead of Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash.

The status of the top 10 coins doesn't stay the same. At the moment, BNB ranks the 5th and Polkadot the 6th by market capitalization. They had taken the place of Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash.

Recently the value of the coins had a major growth which had its impact on the rankings. BNB progressed by 15.35% reaching to $31, and DOT progressed by 14.63% reaching to $5.22. Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash, which are presently the 7th and 8th highest assets by market cap, also recorded price growth, but it was much smoother. Chainlink increased by 1.29% to $12.59 and Bitcoin Cash increased by 1.89% to $228.86.

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The four coins have a rather similar market valuation—between $4.2 billion and $4.5 billion. The leading four coins by market capitalization are Bitcoin Ethereum, Tether and XRP. The market cap of XRP, is $11.1 billion. Anyway, all coins come together to form the cryptocurrency market's whole market capitalization consisting of $345 billion.