Dash grew by almost 5% after another network update

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Digital currency Dash in the last 24 hours has risen in price by almost 5% to $ 70.6 after the developers reported on a successful network upgrade. Altcoin capitalization now exceeds $686.86 million.

The Dash Core Group team on September 30 announced the launch of an updated version of the blockchain (Dash Core v0.16.0.1).

The fork activation led to the improvement of the project's software in several directions at once. In particular, the list of wallet functionalities was expanded, and the anonymity of cryptocurrency holders was increased.

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The wallet interface has become more user-friendly. The developers have integrated a coin mixing option (PrivatSend), which can be applied independently of the project. In parallel, the block reward was adjusted in the network.

The previous major update to the Dash network took place at the end of August 2020. Developers improve blockchain performance every six weeks. Periodic network updates not only increase its bandwidth, but also ensure maximum anonymity for Dash cryptocurrency holders.