Crypterium launches crypto card for global payments

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Crypterium launches crypto card for global payments

Crypterium produced a Crypterium card, which is the primary crypto card, that will be accessible all over the world.

Crypterium is a startup corporation that is oriented on financial technologies and is Estonia-based. They decided to create this card after that they realised Coinbase Card is operating only in specific locations.

Crypterium says that they believe crypto cards are the quickest and effortless means of accessing digital currencies. And what they are concerned about is to legitimate this option of crypto payments on the world level.

What they propose by saying all over the world? They mean that you can request and have this card only in 3 business days no matter where you are settled.

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Through 5000 Estonian holders, who have preordered the card, Crypterium has examined its payment system. Developers of the card have also tested them by purchasing many goods while visiting crypto conferences in many countries.

“In regions where the banking system is not a well-developed one, the interest in this crypto card is much higher”, said Siranush Sharoyan, the representative of Crypterium.

This card is attached to the Crypterium App and it has more than 500000 users in UK and US.

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Crypterium card doesn’t take fees for transactions, but there’s a 1.5% fee when adding prepaid funds. Interested people must pass proof of identity and proof of residence to become a user of the app and the cardholder.