Crime and crypto: a former operative transferred 250,000 USD from the sale of drugs to cryptocurrency

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police officer sold drugs using crypto

The prosecutor's office of the Volgograd accused the former operative of the drug control service and his trainee in the sale of narcotic substances and the laundering of illegal income on a large scale through cryptocurrency. This is stated on the website of the department.

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Thus, the accused began his activities in 2016 after being dismissed from law enforcement. He also drew to it his former trainee.

“From January to November 2017, accomplices, using the Internet, sold potent synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances in the territory of Volgograd and Volgograd Region (Volzhsky, Kamyshin),” the prosecutor’s office said.

During these months, the intruders received more than 15.5 million rubles, which they transferred to cryptocurrency, and then cashed it.

A former employee of the authorities denies his guilt. He will await the court decision.

At the same time, his accomplice, fully admitted guilt, was sentenced to nine years in prison in a penal colony, where he is currently serving a sentence.

Note that many countries criminalize cryptocurrency, precisely because of its use by intruders.