Coinbase will consider integration with DeFi platforms

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Coinbase is considering integrating with third-party DeFi apps. This was stated by the financial director of the company Alesya Haas during a fintech event organized by City.

“We plan to eventually serve third-party applications as part of our core product,” said a top manager.

According to her, Coinbase can become a kind of bridge to the world of decentralized finance. As a result, the ecosystem will be replenished with “billions of users”.

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“We believe that Coinbase and DeFi can grow and coexist successfully,” Haas said.

During her speech, she also touched on the topic of Bitcoin ETF. According to Haas, such instruments can have a positive effect on the spot market. Coinbase, in turn, could facilitate wider adoption of crypto ETFs by acting as a custodian in this segment.