Coinbase CEO Releases Musical NFTs Composed With DJ Davi

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Coinbase NFTs music

Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase disclosed his plans of launching an electro musical collection in the form of NFTs. He produced them with David Khanjian otherwise called DJ Davi.

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The entrepreneur revealed the news via a tweet on April 7.

Coinbase CEO said he listened to electro music a great deal while working on the initial stages of the platform. The music with no vocal helped him to concentrate.

Armstrong will launch three records as NFTs on which is a Coinbase Ventures-backed firm. Within several days, more information will be published. Coinbase CEO said he started to create music as a hobby after the Coronavirus began. DJ DAVI gave him free lessons and they produced the minted tracks during that time. One of the tracks is about developing technology and never give up.

Coinbase follows this idea as it keeps growing and expanding its services. On April 14, the product will begin trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol COIN. Recently the platform reported that the revenue amount from the Q1 of 2021 reached $1.8 B.