Citizens of China download the app for transactions with digital yuan

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In-app stores for devices based on Android and Apple operating systems, the RMB transaction service ranked first in the number of downloads in China.

This program is currently still in the testing phase. However, according to the results of the first week, after the application appeared in the public domain, Internet users from the PRC showed great interest in it.

Anyone can install the program on their smartphone, but it can be used only in several cities of the Middle Kingdom. Moreover, in early January, the e-CNY app surpassed even the WeChat messenger from Tencent in popularity.

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At the end of last year, Chinese media reported the start of the second phase of testing the digital yuan.

The journalists found out that the People's Bank of China has conceived a large-scale modernization of the entire financial infrastructure of China and Hong Kong. It will be based on the CBDC concept.