Chipotle Started Accepting Cryptos in the US

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Chipotle crypto payments

American restaurant chain Chipotle revealed accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment across the US. To provide the option, the chain partners with the digital payments services company Flexa. Chipotle accepts BTC, Eth, and other cryptos from any application that supports Flexa for burritos, bowls, etc.

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In connection with the news, the companies offer customers a 10% discount for their next purchase when using crypto. According to a blog post published by Flexa, Chipotle has become the latest merchant to accept digital currencies via its solutions. Currently, Flexa is available in over 2,975 Chipotle restaurants in the US.

Those who want to pay in cryptos at Chipotle, make transactions by scanning through Gemini or SPEDN apps, and

Crypto has been becoming a more popular payment option in fast food locations and coffee shops. Among them are Starbucks and Shake Shack.