Burger King Brazil Allows Dogecoin Payments For Doggies Food

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Burger King Brazil Dogecoin

Popular fast food restaurant chain Burger King's Brazilian branch now introduces the option of buying doggie food called Dogpper with Dogecoin.

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The offer has begun to function since July 26 as the company's website informs. Users will need to look into the delivery availability for their location.

The price of one Dogpper equals 3 Doges, at current prices, it's $0.60. Burger King says the optimal number of the order is at least 5 units. Clients must send the coins to a wallet of the firm. They can also pay in fiat. Burger King first presented Doggper in November 2018 in similarity with its popular product Whopper.

In partnership with Brazil's leading online platform for pet products and services, PetLove, Burger King Brazil will dedicate some amount generated from the sales to organizations that defend the pet cause.

Currently, Dogecoin is the 8th largest cryptocurrency with over a $27,9 B market cap. At the moment, it trades at over $0.2. Doge price reached its all-time high of over $0.73 on May 8, 2021.

There are various companies that allow payments with the coin. Among them are NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Latvia’s airline AirBaltic, hotel group Kessler Collection, e-retailers Newegg and others.