British institutional investors expect a rise in the value of cryptos

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More and more institutional investors from around the world are interested in digital currencies.

The hedge fund Nickel Digital surveyed British financial managers and found that about half of them expect further growth in the value of bitcoin and other virtual coins. The same respondents told the researchers that by 2023 they plan to either start investing in digital currencies or increase their share in such instruments.

The survey involved 23 managers, 11 of whom declared their readiness to increase capital investments in risky assets, including cryptocurrencies. Six more respondents admitted that they will soon significantly increase the share of their crypto portfolios.

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The study involved hedge fund managers managing assets totaling up to $ 66.5 billion. Many of them have previously tried to invest in products focused on digital currencies.

Such respondents are confident that the value of bitcoin and other coins will increase significantly over the next few years. At the same time, 18 managers expressed concerns about the insufficient, in their opinion, liquidity of the crypto market.

They also pointed to the issue of transparency in digital asset transactions. According to them, it is this factor that is still scaring away investors interested in the cryptosphere.