Bitcoin use in El Salvador will be voluntary

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El Salvador's president

Last week, the Ministry of Finance of El Salvador said that the legalization of bitcoin does not mean that the use of cryptocurrency will have to be compulsory. Each citizen will decide whether he should keep BTC or use it as a payment instrument.

Now the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele has confirmed the position of the authorities and announced that no one is going to force people to switch to cryptocurrency. Note that it was Bukele who initiated the infamous bill on the legalization of bitcoin, adopted in early June.

The head of state addressed citizens through social networks and stressed that they should evaluate the benefits of recognizing BTC as a full-fledged payment instrument.

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Bukele criticized those journalists and ordinary Salvadorans who spread rumors about the forced introduction of bitcoin. The president called them all "liars."

He also announced that more than two hundred bitcoin ATMs are going to serve cryptocurrency holders in El Salvador. With the help of these devices, it will be possible to replenish crypto wallets, convert BTC into fiat money and perform other operations.