Bitcoin miners mined four blocks in less than a minute

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Bitcoin mining in one minute

Last night, May 1, Bitcoin miners mined four blocks in just 46 seconds. In an hour, 12 blocks appeared twice as much as the average figure laid down in the algorithm.

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According to, abnormal activity lasted several hours. For each of them, from 7 to 12 new blocks were registered. service did not record the growth of the network hash, which as of May 1 was 112.4 EH/s.

The computing power of bitcoin reached a record level in early March (136.3 EH/s) but then followed by a drop along with the collapse of the market. Next week there will be another recalculation of mining complexity, which regulates the speed of mining blocks. It is expected that it will not change much (+0.19%).

Two weeks ago, the difficulty increased by 8.45%, reaching 15.96 T. This is close to the record value of 16.55 T, noted in early March.