Bitcoin in top-100 projects with the best design

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Bitcoin best design

Bitcoin is recognized as a project with a unique design solution.

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Fortune Magazine, in collaboration with the Design Institute of the Illinois Institute of Technology, interviewed faculty, influencers, freelance designers, and corporate design teams about creations that they find truly magnificent.

The founder of the IDEO design company, David Kelly, included the first cryptocurrency on this list.

Kelly said in an explanatory note that Bitcoin was designed in such a way that a wide range of stakeholders developers, investors, enterprises, miners, individuals had all the incentives to adopt a new digital currency without any central issuer or governing body. In just 10 years since the release, Bitcoin's capitalization has reached almost $200 billion, and it is used by millions of people around the world. He doesn’t think that any product in the history of the world was launched as efficiently.

The list also includes the iPhone and a number of other Apple products, the Google search engine, Facebook, the IBM logo and other projects from various industries.

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