Billionaire Bill Miller invested up to 50% of his capital in bitcoin

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Bill Miller

Many large financiers are gradually changing their attitude towards bitcoin and are beginning to view it as a tool for hedging inflationary risks.

For example, this point of view is shared by Paul Tudor Jones. Back in 2020, he admitted that he invested part of his capital in BTC.

Now billionaire Bill Miller has announced that half of his portfolio is crypto-focused. The financier channeled 50% of the assets into bitcoin. Miller said that he acquired his first BTC in 2014.

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Then the billionaire gradually ramped up investments in bitcoin. However, over the past few years, he has not purchased BTC, and only resumed purchases last year.

Miller views cryptocurrency as digital gold. He is optimistic about the prospects for Bitcoin and excludes a scenario in which it drops to zero.

The largest digital currency started the new week with yet another retreat. For the first time since September, the coin fell below $40,000 but then bounced back to $ 41,590.