Bank of Ghana’s crypto initiative sparks skepticism from some experts

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Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ghana’s initiative to develop and release its digital asset has generated a lot of excitement and discussion. The Afroblocks association approached the study of this event most thoroughly. Its co-founder was very skeptical about the idea of ​​the financial institution and said that there was little specificity and clarity in the actions of the Central Bank.

It is worth noting that blockchain association Afroblocks has been closely following the innovations of the traditional financial sector for a long time. Afroblocks once reached out to the Bank of Ghana leadership, advising them to abandon “the old, traditional financial thinking” when introducing digital permits.

Despite doubts about the release of the cryptocurrency itself, Afroblocks believes that if this event does happen, then the CBDC digital asset can become one of the first decentralized cryptos in the region.