AUDIO Token Soars 1000% After Being Listed on Binance

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Audio soars 1000%

Meanwhile, DeFi industry keeps developing, investors are finding new presale options and new token listings aiming to earn huge interests in a short period.

Anyway, sometimes this became the reason for heavy losses because of the number of what is known “rug pulls” effecting in investors losing 100% of their deposits.

Today a comparatively unknown token called Audius (AUDIO) launched without much advertising. Audio is a digital asset for the music industry. It offers an alternative to traditional music financing, connecting performers and fans with the help of open, distributed ledger without any intermediaries.

After the token was released, Binance informed that it invested in the network and listed it on its market.

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Talking about this event, Binance told that they assisted a $1.25 M enlargement period in the project as it already has the strong support of media content from famous artists who can control and monetize their music without a third party like a recording agency. The news contributed greatly to the project ratings and the price soared over 1000% during just a few hours.