Artist tokenizes his career and works on Stellar blockchain

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Ben Elliot Token BET

Ben Elliot, a self-taught artist from Paris, announced the release of tokens, the value of which depends on the development of his career and the market value of the works.

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The Stellar blockchain-based digital currency is called Ben Elliot Token (BET). Elliot said it was the world's first personal cryptocurrency.

The launch is planned for 2021, but the 26-year-old artist already offers to open a wallet on the token website or Stellar website.

Elliot promises that investors in BET will not only be able to profit from the growth in the value of the token, but also exchange for other digital assets, as well as acquire works of art and access to events.

Elliot said that through online exhibitions and viewing rooms, anyone can access art and cultural content, exclusive projects and convert tokens into works of art.

It is not yet reported on which platforms it will be traded.