Aave's Social Media, Lens Is Live On Polygon Testnet

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Aave Lens social media

Leading DeFi protocol Aave introduced its social media platform, Lens, on the Polygon blockchain.

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Lens is an open-source, Web 3, smart contracts-based platform, which offers user-owned content and social interactions. Also, it enables developers to focus on developing user experience and not on scaling the platform. It’s possible to build social apps, analytics platforms, verification systems and many other types of apps on Lens.

As Lens describes itself, it has similar social media options like having a profile, commenting, sharing posts, and more. However, what sets Lens apart is that the protocol is powered by NFTs, which allows users to own, control and monetize content.

The leading primitive of Lens is Profile NFTs. Users can have many profile NFTs. A profile NFT can be owned and run by a DAO via a multisig wallet. Following someone, users got a follow NFT. First time Aave revealed plans to release a social platform was in July, 2022. Then, the team said it aims to build Twitter on Ethereum.

Currently, the project is on the testnet stage as it is live on Polygon Mumbai testnet. Lens will provide more information on mainnet launch soon.