22 new fake cryptocurrency extensions found on Google Chrome

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fake crypto wallets Google Chrome

More than 20 new extensions were found in the Google Chrome browser, posing as official products of crypto wallet developers. This is written by Naked Security.

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Fake extensions, including those that emulate Ledger, KeepKey, MetaMask, and Jaxx wallets, were found by security specialist Harry Denley.

According to him, Google's support worked exceptionally quickly. It finds new malicious extensions almost daily, but as a rule, all of them are deleted within a day after treatment.

In April, the researcher already reported 49 extensions stealing keys to bitcoin wallets. All of them “almost identically” copied the functionality of official software for wallets.

The browser then updated the rules for adding extensions, forbidding developers in particular to publish extensions that perform the same functions or exist only to launch other applications.