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The Graph

The Graph (GRT) price, charts and news



The Graph market data

GRT Coin Price: $0.158366
GRT Market Cap: $1,476,406,157
GRT Circulating Supply: 9,322,756,265 GRT
GRT Total Supply: 10,788,004,319 GRT
GRT 24 Hour Volume: $71,173,354
GRT 24 Hour High: $--
GRT 24 Hour Low: $--
GRT 24h Change: -3.06%

What is The Graph?

GRT is an Ethereum-built ERC 20 token running the Graph protocol, which is used to organize blockchain data via indexing and requesting. GRT belongs to the category of work tokens. It provides retrieval operations and collecting datasets to the platform and is locked up by node operators (Indexers), subgraph engineers (Curators), and security contributors (Delegators). The three of them can make a profit, the volume of which differs based on the performed work and staked GRT. The Graph platform indexes blockchain data via networks such as Ethereum, IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), and POA (Proof of Authority). The details are collected into public Application Programming Interfaces named subgraphs. The protocol enables everyone to create public APIs. It's powering a number of well known DeFi apps and Web3 environment. A hosted service function facilitates the process for program writers. The Graph implements the same work for blockchains that Google implements for search.

GRT price historical chart

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