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Siacoin (SC) price, charts and news



Siacoin market data

SC Coin Price: $0.005257
SC Market Cap: $268,078,121
SC Circulating Supply: 50,989,785,000 SC
SC Total Supply: 0.00 SC
SC 24 Hour Volume: $40,179,460
SC 24 Hour High: $--
SC 24 Hour Low: $--
SC 24h Change: -5.03%

What is Siacoin?

Operating on a blockchain, Siacoin is cloud storage, open-source platform that is providing inexpensive solutions and operating operates on enterprise and P2P levels in parallel. This system offers sharing and encryption of the info that the user chooses to keep. Info cannot be controlled or adopted by third-party due to unique user-controlled private keys. Sia blockchain’s cloud storage is more affordable than other prospects and is totally confidential and protected.  Sia coin was made to make it easier to obtain and use Sia’s cloud storage features. Sia runs in over 50 countries covering all continents on Earth. Nowadays, it’s considered to be the most efficient technology to exploit. It further points to develop a datacenters’ linked system that is going to change the game and be the quickest working, low costing and secured platform.

SC price historical chart

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