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Ravencoin (RVN) price, charts and news



Ravencoin market data

RVN Coin Price: $0.028465
RVN Market Cap: $338,958,122
RVN Circulating Supply: 11,907,745,694 RVN
RVN Total Supply: 11,907,780,694 RVN
RVN 24 Hour Volume: $22,872,042
RVN 24 Hour High: $--
RVN 24 Hour Low: $--
RVN 24h Change: 2.18%

What is Ravencoin?

January 2018 is when the story of Ravencoin begun. It’s an open-sourced P2P platform and was made to tokenize asset transfers on the blockchain. The RVN, platform’s primary token, was started to produce various assets and fungible and not, plus it was made to generate non-asset-based tokens. Ravencoin is a fork of the initial Bitcoin, but it fixed the Bitcoin’s issues of scalability. This indicates that Ravencoin has transformed the blocks and now they’re faster and that it possesses a larger coin supply. In March 2019 the market capitalization of RVN reached $80 million.

RVN price historical chart

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