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KARMA Coin (KARMA) price, charts and news



KARMA Coin market data

KARMA Coin Price: $0.005222
KARMA Market Cap: $503,745,251
KARMA Circulating Supply: 96,459,671,172 KARMA
KARMA Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 KARMA
KARMA 24 Hour Volume: $36,061
KARMA 24 Hour High: $--
KARMA 24 Hour Low: $--
KARMA 24h Change: 439.92%

What is KARMA Coin?

KARMA is a social network created for those who produce the value, to actually earn it. It is the first social network built on EOS. Users are encouraged to do good, share positive & unique material and get KARMA from each like their content gains. KARMA is used to boost posts. At least 50% of this KARMA spent, is burned and destroyed from existence. This is done to offset the KARMA created from inflation, with the intention of making KARMA’s supply deflationary. Everyday a small amount of KARMA is created through inflation to fund post and power rewards. This number will never surpass 5% inflation per year. Also in KARMA 2.9.7 users can now adjust the BOOST volume on their posts. Previously, all boosts were in 1,000 KARMA increments. Now the users can boost content with any amount of KARMA all within one purchase. This change makes KARMA more effective to get content out to the world!

KARMA price historical chart

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